Love, love, love! Great taste, quality and price. I like the color. It’s great if you put it in a freezer and just drink straight from the bottle. I personally recommend this great tropical drink.

Kathleen F.

Great drink for starters. It’s flavorful and tastes like tropical fruits. I was given two bottles of this for my twenty first birthday, they were the first bottles finished at my party. Definitely A MUST HAVE!

Judith L.

I really love this liquor with tropical flavor! It is soft and sweet, but not too sweet. The presentation is amazing. I would buy this for a party any day 100%

Caroll D

This is one of my faves: you can drink it shilled by itself. My favorite way of drinking it, is with Redbull. It is super yummy, and looks pretty too.

Lionel L

Mmmmm… If you haven’t had a chance to taste TOTOTINI, you are missing out…

Robin L.

Prettiest colored alcohol I’ve ever seen. The packaging is so nice, and I like the name.

Ashley T.

I recommend this drink to those who enjoy sweet fruity shots. It reminds me of the special shots you can get during happy hours.

Erika B

Smooth with a great taste! Quality liquor with great effect!

Télio Ross

TOTOTINI is soooo good! I am honestly not much of a drinker, but I could drink this stuff any day. Really smooth and fruity. YUMMY!

Vivian R.

This is one of the few liquors that I can shoot without a chaser. This is DELICIOUS!

Gina E

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