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My brand pretty much tastes like a tropical paradise! It is made with natural fruit juices, rum, rum and more rum. Careful, this one packs one large tropical kick!

At TOTOTINI customers are our valued partners. We take customer’s feedback seriously and act upon reasonable request. We make sure it’s clear that our customer’s feedback is primordial and our company values them as partners. What’s the point of listening if you are not going to act on that feedback?

We believe kindness and gratitude for a customer’s business is an undeniable way to further enchant them for the long term. At our company our word is our bond.

Featured Product

Nothing says tropical quite like TOTOTINI! This exotic rum punch is perfect for big groups or individual servings.


About Me

Ms. Myrtho Abraham grew up in Haiti, moved to New York where she attended college. She graduated from Health Science Center at Brooklyn with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. She moved to Florida 21 years ago where she continued to work as a nurse. She enjoys living in the sunshine state which reminds her of native country Haïti. In her spare time, Ms. Abraham likes to entertain family and friends, listen to music, read, and travel. As far as she is concerned, traveling connects you with the rest of the world where you learn about different cultures, it also broadens your knowledge. One of Ms. Abraham character traits is persistence; she feels like when you have a goal in order to achieve it, you need to be consistent, tenacious, and determined. She believes in positivity, POSITIVE VIBES only she says with a smile! Read more…

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